Saturday, 27 February 2010

Brunch, But not really

Hey lovlies :)
How are we all on this fine day ? I am good (as you can probably tell from the pleasantry lol). I've had a really pretty fabby day and am very proud of myself because I think I handled quite a difficult situation very well. Basically, what happened is last night I was staying at my dads, which was fun. But that means one thing. LIE IN ! Wooo. It was great, I got to lie in till like 11, but then I found the soya milk was off :O and so had to run to the store to get some more. Not too bad, solved that one, BUT it meant I was eating my breakfast at 12 (again, not that bad - done this before). Well, anyway, then my dad dropped me off at my mums which I was met with the announcement that we were all having an early lunch and dinner and then watching a film. Has teh penny dropped yet? Yes, thats right, less than an hour after finishing my breakfast (and I was absolutaly stuffed as I normally am for the following few hours - eugh, the side effects of starvation) I was informed that I HAD to have my lunch because everyone was going out so there would be no one to supervise me.

This, as i'm sure you can probably imagine upset me hugely. I'm not actually sure why, I think it was more to do with the huge gap between my lunch and dinner which was the most annoying thing but I really can't be sure. Anyway, instead of doing what I normally do and going to sit in my room and cry I sat down and wrote out what I was going to have for tea and had it. No fuss (well not much). And it was horrible, and when I went to meet my friend later I felt disgusting a bloated but hey! I did it, I ate 2 meals in the space of an hour and I got on with it. I was quite proud actually :) Oh and I forgot to mention breakfast. This was a challenge because I was at my dad's so, obviously, (even though I BOUGHT HIM A BLOODY PAIR OF SCALES) none of my meals were checked. I weighed them out and asked him to watch, but he just refused and said he was watching tv and I could do it myself. Normally, ED would've lept at this opportunity. But actually, today, I took control and silenced that stupid voice. I measured everything right, and it was all perfect and I didn't even feel guilty. Because I've realised that I DON'T have a choice. If there was a choice no one would eat. The choice isn't between eating and not eating, its between eating and dying, because thats what'll happen (well actually i'll end up in hospital again but you catch my drift). So yeah, a good day :)

Apart from that, nothing's really happened. I've had some yummy eats (ofc) and lots of jelly, haha i'm such a child. But apart from that it's been pretty boring. So I guess I should probs post the eaties :) Breakfasts have been good, two of my fave:

A yummy breakfast of Scrambled eggs, toast with jam and almond butter, cottage cheese and blackberries :)

Oatts :) (obvs added more soya milk ontop afterwards teehee) - Old fashioned oats cooked with soya milk, blackberries, blueberries, coconut flakes and a tsp each of almond butter and choco spread. Delish :)
On to some dinners, my lunches look pretty boring, don't think i've got any picks soz. 
My first Amy's meal. I was pretty impressed, I had the Black bean enchilada's, and I served it with my usual array of Broccoli, bell peppers, prawns and Chicken. 

At my dad's house I had me some Fish Pie, and I served it with the same extras as above :)

Dinner tonight was another fave of mine. So so good, gotta love Baked beans with melty cheese :) yum yum yum, had it with a sesame burger, and the same as above. 

Thank's for reading guys. Soz about the long post lol. I guess I had a lot to say for such a dull person :) 
Better get some shut eye now. I;m getting up earlier tomorrow to avoid the fail at meal timings of today. 
Night night xoxo


  1. This is absolutely brilliant to hear and I think you should be very proud of yourself.

    You go girl! You are so right, you can't just choose not to choosing to eat and embracing recovery you are choosing to live life.

    I'm proud of you.

    Sarah x

  2. Yay Maria :) I'm glad you are doing better and you're right about recovery being bigger than eat or not eat. I'm really proud of you too!