Monday, 1 March 2010

A new Cookbook.... A world of opportunity

Hey lovlies, how are we all ?
I've been having a great time this past few days, still improving (I think) and making lots of yummy things to eat aswell, I really feel i'm starting to enjoy food again, which is awesome!! I'm a bit worried atm because this week is the week that my rowing coach is deciding if I should be allowed to go on rowing camp in 4 weeks time. Eek! I so hope he'll let me, it'll be a challenge I know, not being allowed to exercise and with the unknown food and everything. But I really wanna do it, it was so good last year and I don't wanna miss out ya know? :-\. Anyway, i've been thinking through about the eats and I was thinking maybe I should take pre-weighed bags of oats and UHT soya milk? What do you think, I dunno I just think maybe that will make brekky easier. If I take my own bread for lunch then they will have chicken/meat etc for lunch and dinner I just have to have whats there. Grr... I'm so confused about if I'll be able to or not! Also, I was thinking, it's only 5 days including 2 travelling, so actually, if worst comes to worse, how much weight can I actually lose? A couple of kg? Not that much, and it won't be "real" weight so I'll gain it back quickly. But I have NO intentions of doing that. It's just like a fall back if things go wrong.

Ho hum, I guess what'll be will be. What do you guys think? Should I go? ahh I think i should stop worrying and get on with everything! I have so much to do this week with work, food etc I can't be worrying about this. Hmm, anyway, I made such a nice tea tonight. I got these 2 new cookbooks at the weekend. One is like "100 calorie meals", now I know that seems weird, but they're actually really nice. They've just like made them small, so I made them big again :) teehee. I've already had 2 recipes from the book and they were both so so good^. Oh yeh, and I had oatbran for brekky this morning insted of oatmeal/porridge, but my mum's a bit worried it's too "rough" for my sensitive stomach coz my old nutritionist made a comment once. Is it a harsh on ur system as all bran? Does anyone know? Just wondering :)

Anyway, I think that's quite enough of my ramblings. This IS a food blog after all, and so I think so food might be in order, non? Haha, so bascially my oatbran looks pretty similar to the normal oats, swimming in soya milk OFC:

Had it with some Choco Spread, Almond butter, Coconut, Blackberries, Blueberries, Jelly (Jello) and cottage cheese :)

Dinner Last night (from my new book) was Tuna and Sweet tater fishcakes, with brocolli, peppers, cucumber and a slice of toast with chicken and melty mozzarella :)

Which brings us on to dinner tonight, another creation from the book. I had Chinese Lemon Chicken, with quinoa (pretty yummy -never had it before), brocolli, peppers, cucumber and prawns. 

Oh and I threw in some spring onions just for the hell of it :)
Right, sleep now. School tomorrow, eugh :-\
Night night xoxo

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  1. Oat bran didn't really agree with my digestive system - wheat bran is more notorious for upsetting stomachs, but anything with a lot of fibre in it can be difficult if your body is trying to recover from a serious illness. Probably not a good idea to eat it every day, but I'm sure it'd be fine as long as you stop eating it if it starts making you feel ill.

    I'm so glad you're feeling more positive! Good luck with your rowing coach :)