Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Moving On Up

Well, I had a lovely meeting with my doctors today (not seeing my N till next week) and as a team me and my whole family decided that something needed to be done. Somehow, over the last week I have lost 1.4kg (about 3lbs) and so am now being threatened with yet another inpatient treatment, and consequently sectioning. Well, I think not. Never going back there, EVER. I need to be out here with my friends and get my life back. So basically came up with a plan.

I have a new target of 1500kcals a day (doesn't seem like much but its more than i've been having) and then next week my N will decide what to do depending on my weight etc etc. Also, I must be watched at all my meals, including preparation. Which I actually think will be really helpful because then, even when ED is telling me to restrict, I can't, so HA, in your face stupid ED!!

It's really weird, i'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. A fresh start on the road to recovery :) I can finally start to gain back some weight and get to a place that is healthy and that I can stick at without feeling bad. It's gonna be a long road but I guess getting on its the first step. So here goes...

Maria xoxo

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