Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lets hit the shops :]

Good day today... that's pretty much all I can say. It started well and ended well and the bits in the middle were pretty damn fun :) I woke up nice and early but me being really odd had to lie in bed till my alarm (I have a thing about getting up before it). After lying in bed for like half an hour I got up and went downstairs to make my lovely breakfast under the watchful eye of my darling mother (totally not being sarcastic or anything lol). 
I went out a bit later to meet my friends and then WE HIT THE SHOPS :) Wow seriously, i'd forgotten how fun shopping was. It was great coz I didn't feel really tired and have to sit down all the time. Although I was still an ice block. Ah welll, I guess you can't have everything.

I bought some absolutely amazing pair of nude heels that we just so lovely I HAD to wear them for the rest of the day. Haha, feet are a bit sore now, but it was totally worth it. After visiting a few clothes shops and concluding that I looked absolutely gross in everything and everyone was staring at me in the changing room (not good staring, like bad staring) we decided that clothes probably weren't going to be the best thing for me to be buying right now and so we moved on to bigger and better things.. Namely lunch. So, to Marks and Spencer's we went. And then to starbucks so my friend to get her daily fix of cheese and Marmite panini. Can't say it looked greatly appetizing, but hey... This coming from the person who eats chicken and Almond Butter! Haha. Well, after lunch it was unanimously decided that we should go to the Disney store (seriously, we're like little kids in there!) and when we arrive we found stacks of bowls and mugs that were just calling to us. Sooooo... We all got a bowl (and some got a bowl AND a mug, but I thought that was a bit ott) in preparation for our oatmeal fest at half term. Mine is blue and looks like eeyore, and I am soo looking forward to eating my oats out of it tomorrow. I mean like wow, its fab, it even has a tail. I don't care if I seem like a 4 year old, I have a bowl with a tail dammit! 

So we took our bowls (and newly rekindled childhood spirit) to the nearest homeware store, this one happened to be habitat. And there we commenced planning our future homes and taking pictures while sitting at our future furniture. Me and my friend found this table which we think would go brilliantly in our modern home (Yes I know it seems childish but hey, its fun!)...

When our planning was over we were just about to go home when I got a call from my mother saying that she had opened the cupboard and DUN DUN DUN... smashed the almond butter! Wow, I seriously almost died. (By this point most shops had shut and I didn't think I would be able to survive a whole day with no almond butter). So, I sprinted (and I mean flat out sprint) all the way to the other side of town and to the only health food store for miles... Holland and Barratt. I cannot explain how relieved I was to find it open, I was tempted to kiss the cashier! Lol, well they didn't have my usual brand but I managed to get some Meridian, I dunno if I really like it actually. I can't remember what  type I usually get, but I know its label is in German! Haha... what kind do you all use? Anyway, the day was saved and now I can go to sleep safe in the knowledge that my breakfast tomorrow will be lovely and just how I like it :)

So, the eats of today. Pretty good actually. For breakfast I had;

Carrot Cake Oats ~ Old fashioned oats cooked with soya milk and carrots. Topped with a "icing" of maple syrup and greek yogurt, with blueberries, almond butter and some coconut. 

Then for lunch I had a Chicken Salad with Vietnamese style dressing from M&S (Forgot to take a pic sorry!)
Dinner was a repeat of last night. Still damn good tho...

Spanish Omelette ~ Egg white omelette topped with tomato's, chicken, shallots, pepper, pea's and bean sprouts. Then to follow I had a slice of toast with almond butter and grapes (yum yum)

Anyways, I'm very tired and have to be up early to make my breakfast in my new bowl and go to school! So I think it's time for bed. Night all.
<3 xoxo


  1. I used to looove almond butter, and I usually got Meridian, but I sadly developed an intolerance to it so I've transferred my affections to their cashew butter instead! One of the other brands is Biona, they have German and French on their label as well, maybe it's that one you are thinking of? I'm glad you had fun shopping ;) I love looking around homeware departments and planning what I will buy when I move out too! I'm such a girl, lol.

  2. hey...noticed you're from the UK - so am I!

    I still go in the Disney store and I'm your almond butter adventure story btw :-)

    Sarah x