Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Definitely Time For A New Start

Hey :)
Well I guess I started this blog because i'm sick of where I'm at. I'm 15, and an anorexic in recovery but recently I haven't really been doing much of the old "recovering" bit. I left inpatient back at the beginning of December and I guess I never really carried on improving, actually scrap that, I've just plain gone backwards. 
Although I'm not  at a really bad weight right now, I have lost since leaving IP bringing me down to a 15-16 bmi. Which I (being me) know is not healthy and I need to work on, unfortunately ED is telling me that it is a perfectly good weight and I shouldn't even think about increasing my intake. Well, you know what, Screw You ED. You've taken everything away from me, I lost touch with so many friends and had to give up my one passion, rowing. And it's all because of this stupid voice that really just doesn't know when to shut up. So yeah, I'm tired and frustrated of this constant internal battle that right now I seem to be losing. So I thought I should see what support I could get from others like me. And here we are, I saw how many people blogged and all the food looked so great and everyone seemed so nice that I just thought, what the hell! Go for it, it might just be what you need to get you back on track and back to the person you used to be!

Thankyou for reading my ramblings, I'm sure they'll be plenty more in weeks to come. And your welcome to comment if you want to chat or w/e, I'm always up for meeting new people!. 
Maria xoxo

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